MARKINGS                   Winter-Spring 2014

private webpages for The Participants (Congregants?)

Some of this information is available on Dan's website in various places.  

This is a focussed digest and interactive action-plan for the people participating

now for $25/week.



MARKINGS is an experiment in making internet activity responsive and meaningful. 

1. It is not passive. It requires some time and interest in self-reflection:

Why is this interesting to me?

What do I think it will do for me?

Am I willing to let this into my life/schedule right now? 

How do I feel about paying $25/week for this?  What do I expect?

2. It invites you to take charge of creating your own format.  Well, not totally.  It's more like a Buffet or Sunday Brunch Model.  There's a lot of different choices available, but there are limits:

Limits of Your time: your available time, this time of your life, this particular calendar time, Winter-Spring 2014...

Limits of Dan's time and interests

Limits of who else is involved: who are these people? Do I think there was some Hand of Fate that convened us?  Or is it just a seemingly random

3. There are echoes, models, resonances with related experiences::  Is this a forum?, a course? a religious experience? a scam? a club?  YES! 

It's a way for each of us to walk up to a mjirror and see what we see.  It's likely not what we saw a few years ago, nowr perhaps what we were expecting.  This is the invitation to be kind to your Self as you come to recognize new and old parts.  The MARKINGS exercises will help materialise (matter) lingering, stubborn, gestating and emerging s'elves

4. DAN's NOTES: Sense and Non-Sense:

objects??  What ELSE: Compasses, souvenirs, scars, guides, whisperers to the Missing, the Longed for , less visible
Making  and spirituality  Alchemical: head, hand, heart/  crossed with activity, risk,  story(new/old), joy/wonder
Self-directed in a group/ like a buffet    Different qualities (see needs) of contact/response 
What are your needs?  Now?   Hunt? Smell/sense, read signs
What are you Hunting? Look at repeated themes, stories, people  What risks are you taking or Not Taking
What Shapes attract, repel?   How much privacy? Rituals? Altered time

SET TEMPO:  Send Blanks, Questions…