NO MOW MAY?     May 2022

It’s a fast -temporary- way to make a difference and engage with Nature as a partner…   Especially in farming country like this, we need all the bees and pollinators we can get.   

So, this is a way to help and thank our neighbor farmers.

For just the month of May, you postpone cutting grass, allowing flowering plants that grow in the grass — such as clovers and dandelions — to bloom and provide pollinators and their offspring with nectar and pollen.  May is a crucial period for bees and butterflies. So, this extra nectar helps them thrive better as they are coming out of hibernation.  Also, the taller grass offers needed shelter.    It's a way to DO SOMETHING in a time when there seems so little we can do! 

You can let the whole lawn grow for the month and see what other plants are waiting to grow   OR   

You could mow just small pathway areas of lawn. (what I'm doing)

Lots of information and images on the Web.

TICKS! do thrive in dark, wet areas, like leaf mold and mulch.  There’s conflicting evidence about whether longer grass, (the No Mow approach) really invites more ticks.  This 2018 study says it does NOT.   

Another version   

This was the Idea, the Plan, the Good Intention.    So?    How'd It Go?? 

Reports and Updates from the Field

I'm collecting stories about how it actually played out from those who tried it in 2022     

Send me yours if you want to share