Woodlanders Gathering 2011

Schedule        8.22.11


What to Bring:twigster

Natural Materials to share

Objects and Intentions to go into Twigster before the Release/Burn           -->

Cellulose-based Egg Cartons, Berry boxes for re-purposing

Fabric, Shirts, T-Shirts for Rust Dyeing

Home Depot donated 30 canvas nail aprons Thank you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2            2 Tents, 15 Tables/Chairs delivered-Set-up

5            Early Campers arrive. Let Dan know

              so far Kim/Frankie, Matthew/Jean

when the scheduled events are not quite right..There are tablesfull of

Self-Directed Anytime Activities...Light guidance available

Using rusted objects and juicy natural materials on fabric

Altars!  Aren't we all making altars all the time?

Techniques of Surrealism: fumage, grattage, collage, frottage

Re-Purposing pulpy materials. Bring papier mache egg 

         cartons, berry boxes, etc         

Rain Gardens: keep that run-off water around

Making Rustic Stools and Tables- materials/Tools available always

Friday, August 19

9          Opening Ritual, Brian Schorn 

            Comments: personal Altars, Transitions

10:30    Working with Rust on fabric and paper:


11         Diane Savona, Storytelling/Archeology with Textiles
1          Woodland Forensic Walk, David Hughes
2          Pine Needle Basketry, Cynthia Fletcher

4          Jim Caufield, making human hair wands: put yourself

            into your work.

            Memorial HairWand/Brush of your beloved person or pet!

6           Potluck Supper     

8-10      Music from Adam Hamer and Rick Husted


Satyrday, August 20

8             Dream Workshop, Kim Vergil, Andrea lead
9:30        Opening Ritual, David Wiener. Comments by woodlanders

10:30      Intro to Alchemy: Rustics as Practitioners;

              Knives/Bark for busy hands

11           Field Trip: 400-yr Oak and Hollow Tree: Bushwhacking,

               Rustic Bridge building,Stream Fording. Moss-Smelling

2             Working with Gourds, Kathy Gordon 
3             Don Moss Candle Holders : to honor the flame
               Matthew Fallon/Nancy Krim small scale work techniques/tools

4             Discussion: Getting Woodlandery things into the world:   

                   Why? How? 

6              Potluck Supper   

8              TwigMan ReBurns  Mary Caufield ignites;   

8:30-10    Images by 5 people till 10pm


Sunday, August 21

8         Gyrokinesis, Hannah Maxwell  

9:30     Closing Ritual, Riva Weinstein

10:30    Judd Weisberg carving hookless lures to amuse bass

Lunch     Heirloom Tomato and Hummus Sandwiches

1            at Dan Mack's Studio: chairs/materials available for taking
2            Making Pulpy Things

4            Inner Bloom Yoga with Sarah Lamb

Discussion Topics
Is ETSY an on-line home for Woodlanders?

The persistence of Alchemy: its truth re-presents

Off-Site Field Trips none of which happened

Anytime you Dare, Boneyard of RoadKill Deer, right in the Village of Warwick!

Whole Weekend is Warwick Jazz Festival

Satyrday night,  Opening of Nick Zungoli's Mekong Journey

Sunday 10-4, Art-on-the Green, Warwick