Casual Alchemy at HOME

Be With Matter
:  Make/Unmake                                   MAterial ---PAttern  is All Family!

Carry a Card and see what you put on it       Pinterest                Select 5 images cell                           

Use “Making” as the portal… gets to not logical parts of the Brain                                      See Lists

envs nat mats, Caps, Cards, Boards, MASKS Gourds Yarn, Sticks, Feathers, Altoid empties, Stain Maps Suiseki rocks Fabric, Chalk, Looms, Dance!, jars, blocks, gifts, alta pixs  Paper, Markers, Hammers, Dirt, water, Tarp, Rope, Forks, Gluestix, Vines, Ash BK Empties Pulpy Materials+ water, SOUND Makng, Drilling, , fracturing Stapler, Hole Punch                 surreal,

  MAPS, coffee stains,  Bks, Tools, Shadw Drwng, Smoke, blocks, BUNDLING  paper mache, AIH, OMs, WGs  SES  Puns, SurrNames, UMCOs  tw ties, rubands, tthpicks  RUSTDoodle Map from stain   Small Mesh                                        

  Marking  with dirt, stains on caps, cards, with, feathers, reeds, Rubbing of Place Collage… Mosaic

  Making:   TOOL: Twist tie, yarn,string, wite: Assemble several  objects EMPTIES:jar/cup. block  

ASSEMBLE/BUNDLE several  objects Twist tie, string, wire:                                  affinities

  EMPTIES:   on a block, Put something; In a jar/cup, box, tin , collect something  Start with a bandaid

  CARDS: What can you put onto a 2x3 blank card?

  HOMEOPATHIC:  How little of Matter do you need to Make Meaning? Okeffe quote          Use Fragments

Take Small Risks  Learn Something New; Play, not work.  See what emerges, not how well planned thins are               

Explore Disorder       neg capability capacity for confusion   SHADOW            Be Feral

BE ALCHEMICAL   an exploration, a Cooking, Refining Process (not an End)  Adjust Logic/Magic

  Burning off Middle Age impurities/ Refining to the Gold—The Self.    Works on 3 Levels at Once:

  The Intuitive   Alertness to Now, Nature, Shadow, Curiosity, Accident, coincidence  (18mo old consc)

  The Holy Alertness to Unseen Forces, Dark side/Shadow)              Go In, Down and Out

  The Technicalour interests, experiences with order, FIXING   Making Things.  

Poetry                  particularly HAIKU:   Mood, Nature, Contrast

Start a GRIMOIRE   a collection of personal experiences, experiments  Spells, regurgitating images, people,

   Themes sur’sm  sacrd-des, diary w unseen: emotion?  Explore your Exits (addictions);

     Stories of encounters with Energies: Dreams, ASCs Gifting to and from?                            3-D version=WonderRoom

     What Characters/Archetypes/Things    are pushing through? See List? Oh That again!; 


More Public experiments in Magic, Not Logic

Find/Gather/Share Leave Something for next visitor                                                                            GIVE GIFTS

Share/Volunteer     Find/Work/Play/Kindle Others                                       GROUP Sculpture/WonderRooms   

Collective Project add to Deck of cards, add to Burlap, Mural, Collage,Loom, Texture Rubbing    


Be with Children            Why?            Discuss ELLIPSE of Life: Pre and Post Institutional Life                            

What to shed                    

Fix Things   Kintsugi: golden repair: accentuate the repair;          fix more precious  

FIND Your Maker CLAN:                                                                                                            PINTEREST!