Casual Alchemy  THE GAME  in Kairos Tyme                                                    1.1.21           

Games, Objects, Making as Altars to Invoke/establish a Contact to/from Psyche/Archetypes

Another Way, Opportunities into contact with Creative Unconscious, The Zone(S), Melancholy

Appreciating Changed TIME                                                         Kairos, the Coexistent Reality

Expand Toolkit of Ways to Contact for imagination                          Greater comfort to shift

To help Move On with Life Tasks (Fisher)     Looking for developmental/maturational CLUES                         

Your Current, Emerging and Old lingering         Themes get revealed/expressed as lenses change       

To Stimulate contact, rebalancing of Head, Hand, Heart,  Imagine, Percieved Experienced  Fisher

Re balance contact with 5 Needs  for Awe/Wonder/Joy,  Facilioty, HandSkill: 

Feral/Carnal  (out-of-control)Surprise, the unexpected, disorder, Contact w Surprise, Waiting, Gifting,

Expectation, Chance, Accident, The Hand  “His anima liked it animal” Wallace Stevens?

Stories and Reflection. Clues to what story lines you are staying in touch w

  Fisher: dwell in Timelessness, Give self away, tend children

via The Casual, Indirect, Poetic, en-tranced, Chance, Play, Guessing, Accident  not Competition.


Played alone and/or with others, virtually and via FT/Mail                                           danielmack.HomePlay.htm

in KairosTyme, may take months Retrocausality                                              playing babies w Nona?


PREPARE  “your” game, part of Your Book of Shadows                                          ON OM WEBSITE

Gather Common simple tools/objects: pliers, hammer, saw, clippers, glue,                          see below

Collect Materials: (from DM?)              Objects that can hold meaning:                       see below/CA Bklts

GameName: anagram of given name            helps with shifting persona                        Limna Da Kec

GameBoardS  Leather, cloth, placemat, w Hidden area? + SOMETHING!           see Themes:

    Kuba Cloth, Stained Fabric, photos, paintings, clothes                                                      ALTARS!

    Diff Game Bds: “Needs, Chaos, Hd Hnd Hart, Visible, Perciebed                            Choose Via Spinner?

Buddha Board, Dice, Cards, Spinner  to select Board of Day?                                            Alt Uses? 

Bring 3 new found pieces  desk,dresser drawers? Include something wet/juicy                         10 ATCs

ID current Intention (themes, task, concern) to create Board.

MAKE an On-Line Game Template to Fill-in?                                      share as moved

Make rules, boards, pieces,  “your” game                                                                     On Buddha Board

A mini-wonder room/cabinet of curiosities     ALL rooms are Wonder Rooms


Dice, Cards, Spinner  to select Board of Day?  Life Stage Intention job, children    Uses? 

Err into other senses: smell, touch, taste, the non-verbal, Memory (family photos/loss)

Include Yoga Move or short meditation or Gift Thought for someone

           Intention to game: task, concern,  to create Board of the Day.       


Start      w Deep Breaths: hand on Heart/Belly,   Scry?                              What FORM Today?

Arrange   Pieces on Your Game Board choosing and arranging                       13 objects on a Board

Roll Dice   6? Or 21?  to take card from Piles of ATCs                                          See Suggestions

1 Put Marks on a Card,      2 Chose Card for another to put marks on,   3 Fold a Card,

4 Balance Something,         5 Put some things together                               6 Rearrange Pieces on Board

SPINNER/Board Themes By

Needs                   Chaos                  Hd Hnd Hart         Colors              Insects                 Animals

Visible, Perceived, Exp                 5 Remembrances,               LifeStage Vexes              Elements

Materials          Qualities: old/new, order/do]isorder, soft/hard             

Fisher: dwell in Timelessness, Give self away, tend children                 12 Archetypes   

Buddha Board                                    .wiki/4 temperaments                  Pataphysics? 


OUTERING  The Way goes on Later, Alone in Digestion, Quieter Exploration, meditation      

Be Alert! To Visitors                  Continue with Cards,                                            Practice GIFTING

Create Mindful Ceremony: seasonal, nature-based Art in Wild etc

CONTACT Select/Make/Sendpoem/quote to Others                                                       Mail/email

A mini-wonder room/cabinet of curiosities     somewhere near you








Back Notes  1.1.21        Closer to Coaching approach                                                         game therapy


 Omega Offering?    Pub Notebks of CA experiments:   …                               Model/Share Lightening Up     Casual Alchemy Booklets + Nymph Lodes, dirt bird, batteries on shovel


What’s SPECIAL/Unique?              Object-oriented, egalitarian, playful

Non-Therapy Jungian; another way to “hold space” for self discovery  more playful, egalitarian,

emphasis off talk, direct focus and onto to indirect clues, on capability, not deficiency

Practice with Making Chance/Ambiguity/Twilight/Kairos safe      

Expanding maturational/developmental toolkit   (ecomysticism)

Game format allows for experimenting: Trickster as Caretaker

Power Shift to players; Honors who they are what they bringnot deficiency

Different form of “Holding Space”         OBJECT-based

Model/Share Lightening Up      Play, Humor      , Egalitarian              Hillman Certainty Principle

More ease w chance, guess, accident, tolerating, holding opposites/dissonance, Blending 

Holding opposites: tolerating contact w people from different archetypes

In Game: allowing Others to shift your attention/direction/plans  

Blending/Expnding of Ways   Making as part of maturational toolkit   

Fisher: tend youth, dwell in timelessness, give away    

Freed from implicit “rules” Encouragement to Play,

Change Lenses, new rules/ways,sectioning:                       Loose Parts, “Vegetable Thinking”

Like Other Non Vbl Ways: Yoga, Meditation, Knitting, Cooking, Gardening, Sports,… just another way,


Card Directions:
   Give/Take something to everybody,                 Animal/Fetish

Hiding, Words, Collab ATCs  Accordion Books w word/line onto next page,   Tell a Dream

Haiku (mood-nature-contrast), ShadowPlay, YOU WIN!  Choose 2 more pieces   Give 2 pieces to every player

Surrealist Techs Fold/Stand Cards    Pattern-Making.   Balance three things     Rearranging, RETURN FOCUS

TO NOW  What Nature have you been in touch with today? What part of your body are you most aware of right

now;  Share an Earworm?REMEMBER a favorite food, pet, person, place;  EXERCISES in Guessing (about

other players), in Seeing: World pave my command,   Dress Colors in Staining   Pick a Poem to Share/ your or

 chosen;   Use a twist tie, yarn, wire;  Share Earworms


Materials pussywillows, lead sinkers, ink/fruit/liquid for stains, yarn, dental floss,

tacks, bones screws, pins, Sm band aids, feathers, wire, twist ties, empties, spirals,

salmon/salmon teeth, figures, ATCs, Acc Bks, Sticks, ”blades”, mirror pcs,

keys, beads, pins, tacks, sand black, paperclips, rubberbands, oyster shells,

washers, screws, old coins  5x7 Cards Stock                                    See Lists in CA Bklts


Different Game Bds    “Needs, Chaos,         Hd Hnd Hart,           Visible, Perciebed 

USE Buddha Board

Dice: 1 Add to a Collaborative Card    2 Do an Accordion Book Page  3 Scry for a minute                                           

Spinner:   (12 Archetypes or  Head Hand Heart , Needs  areas?)        To Pick Theme of Game



The Five Remembrances 

1. I am subject to aging. No way to avoid aging. 

2. I am subject to ill health. No way to avoid illness.

3. I am going to die. No way to avoid death 

4. Everyone and thing I love will change and be separated from me.

5. Only true possessions are my actions, I cannot escape their consequences.

Do not suppress knowledge of our frailty, impermanence and fears that lie in the depths of our consciousness.



OBJECTS as aids        Monthly Obj/Info                                                              “and they will come”

STOREHOUSE (Hbr Fht) 15 Bin Case $6.99  as mailables  Too BIG??  BrBxs?

13 x 16-1/2  x 4-1/2   1.25 lb. empty  Folded Gameboard in Pocket on Back?


The+Brodgar+Beauty!5  £5.95 ($8) + £2.50 P&P.  1 or more                              INCLUDE Chance Dice for EBAY


DM non/therapist Jungian Looking for standing  What talents? Skills Experience to offer?

maturational toolkit  Thinks/Feel about Yoga/Meditation: Felt Change Making as part of


Making as a Way. Dooling Way-Working-Spiritual-Dimension-Craft/ 6

HOLDING Blending Experiencing OPPOSITES/Dissonance:



Artist Everyman  Getting Everyman to make what could be seen as “art”

·  Ruler-Outlaw = Both have a power fixation but one is in service of rebellion, the other, for order.

·  Explorer-Innocent = Both individualistic; explorer craves physical freedom, innocent freedom

    within the mind (i.e., living in society, but as their own person)

·  Creator-Everyman = both surrender/comply themselves to a particular ideology.

    Creator surrenders to imagination.  Everyman complies with social structure.

·  Hero-Caregiver = both protectors, Hero from personal/ego neeed  Caregiver of social conviction

·  Magician-Lover = crave intensity of experience   Lover craving interpersonal intensity (Amor)

    Magician craves ultimate intrapersonal intensity mastery of knowledge and application as well.

·  Sage-Jester Jester system "destroyer" (pointing out madness wi order). Sage works against madness.




Be With Matter
Make/Unmake                                   MAterial ---PAttern  is All Family!

Carry a Card and see what you put on it       Pinterest                Select 5 images cell                           

Use “Making” as the portal… gets to not logical parts of the Brain                                      See Lists

envs nat mats, Caps, Cards, Boards, MASKS Gourds Yarn, Sticks, Feathers, Altoid empties, Stain Maps Suiseki rocks Fabric, Chalk, Looms, Dance!, jars, blocks, gifts, alta pixs  Paper, Markers, Hammers, Dirt, water, Tarp, Rope, Forks, Gluestix, Vines, Ash BK Empties Pulpy Materials+ water, SOUND Makng, Drilling, , fracturing Stapler, Hole Punch                 surreal,

  MAPS, coffee stains,  Bks, Tools, Shadw Drwng, Smoke, blocks, BUNDLING  paper mache, AIH, OMs, WGs  SES  Puns, SurrNames, UMCOs  tw ties, rubands, tthpicks  RUSTDoodle Map from stain   Small Mesh                                        

  Marking  with dirt, stains on caps, cards, with, feathers, reeds, Rubbing of Place Collage… Mosaic

  Making:   TOOL: Twist tie, yarn,string, wite: Assemble several  objects EMPTIES:jar/cup. block  

ASSEMBLE/BUNDLE several  objects Twist tie, string, wire:                                  affinities

  EMPTIES:   on a block, Put something; In a jar/cup, box, tin , collect something  Start with a bandaid

  CARDS: What can you put onto a 2x3 blank card?

  HOMEOPATHIC:  How little of Matter do you need to Make Meaning? Okeffe quote          Use Fragments

Take Small Risks  Learn Something New; Play, not work.  See what emerges, not how well planned thins are               

Explore Disorder       neg capability capacity for confusion   SHADOW            Be Feral

BE ALCHEMICAL   an exploration, a Cooking, Refining Process (not an End)  Adjust Logic/Magic

  Burning off Middle Age impurities/ Refining to the Gold—The Self.    Works on 3 Levels at Once:

  The Intuitive   Alertness to Now, Nature, Shadow, Curiosity, Accident, coincidence  (18mo old consc)

  The Holy Alertness to Unseen Forces, Dark side/Shadow)              Go In, Down and Out

  The Technicalour interests, experiences with order, FIXING   Making Things.  

Poetry                  particularly HAIKU:   Mood, Nature, Contrast

Start a GRIMOIRE   a collection of personal experiences, experiments  Spells, regurgitating images, people,

   Themes sur’sm  sacrd-des, diary w unseen: emotion?  Explore your Exits (addictions);

     Stories of encounters with Energies: Dreams, ASCs Gifting to and from?                            3-D version=WonderRoom

     What Characters/Archetypes/Things    are pushing through? See List? Oh That again!; 


More Public experiments in Magic, Not Logic

Find/Gather/Share Leave Something for next visitor                                                                            GIVE GIFTS

Share/Volunteer     Find/Work/Play/Kindle Others                                       GROUP Sculpture/WonderRooms   

Collective Project add to Deck of cards, add to Burlap, Mural, Collage,Loom, Texture Rubbing    


Be with Children            Why?            Discuss ELLIPSE of Life: Pre and Post Institutional Life                            

What to shed                    

Fix Things   Kintsugi: golden repair: accentuate the repair;          fix more precious  

FIND Your Maker CLAN:                                                                                                            PINTEREST!