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2 1/2" x 3 1/2" Cards helping to learn more about The Imagination

Daniel Mack's Recent Cards

Early July 2010 at Omega


Late June, Shakerag in Tennessee

Early October, 2009, I made 16 cards after finding a roadkill inspiration with a theme based in RED: a recently ripped favored shirt, parts of my old stamp collection and a recently encounterd creature. I added some ink. Here are four of the sixteen:


Early October, 2009, after I found my First Communion prayer book from 1955.  I ripped the pages from it to work with:

Hmmm, why I did I become a Woodworker??    Do I look like this??


During a workshop in late September, 2009


These next two cards were made from a Christmas card from an estranged part of the family    9.25.09


Mid September 2009: Dried hibiscus flowers, snake skin sheds, wisteria seeds, old postcards and envelopes, and reds

Early September 2009

Four cards from the Bulk Work, then a photobooth photo from 1981, dried Japanese maple leaves, dragonfly wings, paints and a fingerprint

Late August-Early September 2009

September 6, I had a gallon of Chinese Red paint from an old job... I ended up doing a batch of 45 cards to keep working on. Take a look:

a few details:

September 1-5   Black, paints, tissue, feather

August 29-30 threes cards with old camp blanket, dried irises, japanese maple leaves

August 26-28: 5 cards with sketelized leaves, canvas tape measure, paints, labels, maple seeds

August 21-22 at the Woodlanders Gathering


Making these cards is like being in a pool. This is not a lap pool, or an Olympic pool; Actually, it's a swamp.  It requires patience with your self, with all your voices.  It may require a accidental or coincidental contact with someone, some place, some thing... that scratches you into a new awareness... We are looking for portals that are never in the same place.  Alertness is your ally.

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