Daniel Mack, teaching


Summer 2021   


Ongoing, Casual Drop-In Workshops about tools and techniques with natural materials in his Warwick, NY Studio

The Casual Alchemy approach to Making is to balance the use of Head, Heart AND HAND.  These workshops are to help you get better with your HandsTool use. Expanding the facility with tools, techniques and materials:   Drilling, cutting, fitting, glueing, sanding, finishing items medium and small; useful and imaginal? making small chairs, stools, simple tables?   You might want to look at some of my books on   Making Rustic Furniture..   So far we've worked with Knives and Gouges to carve and Drills and Bits to make a small model mortise and tenon chair.

Email Dan for next dates and let him know what tools and techniques you'd like practice with

$15/hr plus something for extraordinary materials.

All money goes to support that nearby Nature Play area.

At the end of the series, write a check to:

"The Warwick Valley Community Center, for 3 Pines"

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Tuesday, June 8   6-9 pm     through Omega


Calling All Makers!  Longtime Omega teacher Daniel Mack

sees Object-Making as Alchemical: ways to help reveal, hold

and release old and emerging versions of our selves.


In this 3-hr Zoom, he shows you around his WonderRoom

studio in Warwick, NY: the tools, materials, work tables, storage

and display areas. He explains more about this “Casual Alchemy” approach.(Thomas Moore calls such objects “Magical Decoys”)

He guides you through a few Making activities based on the

practices of Surrealism, Alchemy and using The Elements

and he invites you to share your objects and thoughts with the

others in our Maker’s Clan.      (Some of Dan's Clan)

Take a look at the 13 free booklets on related topics

Collect some of this stuff for Intuitive Making:  

5x7 heavy paper or card stock, hammer, knife, candle, matches, soil, a

few band aids, empty jars, shells, feathers, thread, few pencil-size sticks, rubberbands, dental floss, twist ties, pencil, crayons, chalk. 

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