Daniel Mack  spring 2021


2021    through Omega

June 5,     CASUAL ALCHEMY, The GAME: Calling All Makers! 

Longtime Omega teacher Daniel Mack has been looking at Object-Making as Alchemical: ways to help reveal, hold and release old and emerging versions of  our selves.

In this 3-hr Zoom, he shows you around his Wonder Room studio in Warwick, NY, he explains more about this “Casual Alchemy” approach (Thomas Moore calls such objects “Magical Decoys”), guides you through a few Making activities and invites you to share your objects and thoughts with the others in our Maker’s Clan.  Take a look at Dan’s website:    danielmack.com

Collect some of this stuff for our meeting:  

5x7 heavy paper or card stock, hammer, knife, candle, matches, soil,  few band aids, empty jars, shells, feathers, thread, few pencil-size sticks, rubberbands, dental floss, twist ties, pencil, crayons, chalk. 

Zoom PLAN   for Each Hour   

Top      DM Tour/Talk  Develop A Plan For Your Practice  


Middle  Projects:  Scavenger Hunt, Surrealist Activities,

Flowers Oxalis stuff in drwers: Empty boxes… making revealing  small altars  Buddha Board!

End       Reactions:   “personal sustainability”   Yoga Model 

Leave Something Somewhere;  Discuss interactivity between Zoom meetings 


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