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Finding Spirit through Matter Workshops

a Jungian approach to Making

In April, 2009, I began a series of workshops at Stone Ridge Healing Arts in Stone Ridge, NY which explored object-making as a practice for understanding more about our internal, emotional, unconscious landscapes.  By quickly making simple 2-D and 3-D objects, we were able to "catch and express" or "catch and release" moments of interior reality.  We uttered or outered them and moved right along.  It was a kind of psychic flypaper.

These workshops had been developing for several years. mostly disguised as errant rustic workshops.  At Stone Ridge, they presented themselves as a variation on Carl Jung's work with Active Imagination... a method of dialoguing with our other s'elves.  A few comments from these workshops:

"I still feel the excitement of that day. It was a breath of fresh air-- counteracting all the art school lessons and rules I'd learned. I have this wild side that will not quit."  EB

The next ones are at the Woodlanders Gathering in Warwick in August, then back at Stone Ridge Healing Arts in September.

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