Daniel Mack

Rustic Furnishings

NY Woodlanders Gathering

2010 New York Gathering

August 21-22 at Warwick Center Campgrounds,

2010 Theme: Illness, Wellness and Natural Materials.  Illness is an indication of some crack in the system... an opportunity to work with, to change something.

         Dan talks about the recent Alchemy Seminar:Learning to Work

         with the Technical, the Spiritual, the Intuitive

         Shekinah Rae presents on porotiti, cousin to the bullroarer

         Lynn Hoins: a workshop and exercises on Journaling

         Laurie Seerman on Tha Nature of Water: vortexes!

          Dan demonstrated Shaker Seat Weaving

        Dan had materials and inspiration for wallets from coffee bean

          bags and woodland Indian gorgets, plus Bark to carve and Cards to make.

            Dan Mack talks about his work with at-risk youth and natural materials;

             advertising on Facebook and new thoughts on how rustic mind fits in.

            Lori Charkey and Mark Becker present on making simple toys.

            Rich Pillar helps us make rustic sistrums

            Shekinah and Michelle had Block Carving materials all weekend

            Cynthia Fletcher on ink/brush drawing

            WickerLady carried messages away in a Great Blaze

            Krissie played her banjo

            Aiden traded Dan two rocks for a tarot book

What are Woodlanders Gatherings?   random photos

Woodlanders Gatherings  create an atmosphere where people can relax and find the time for hands-on exploration and knowing of the natural world, and develop artful thinking.    more

What aren't Woodlanders Gatherings?

The New York Gathering is NOT a school or even a set of craft workshops.  Oh yes, lots of making and some instruction happens, but the whole event began as a form of community-buildingmore

WHAT HAPPENS: Tents and Tables of Art and Nature Experiences with tools & materials available all weekend-- with guidance. It often RAINS...long and hard

In 2010, it rained all day Sunday.  

Hey, WHAT Exactly HAPPENS?  Best Guesses

COSTS: Pay what you can: Suggested $60/single day; Camping fees and Food are extra    more details



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