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The Casual Alchemist     in-process, since 1997

Anima: Carved Bark Figures 

self-published 2006, 2009 out-of-print

Cultural Icon Books (2008)


signed/shipped $20/each     Reviews: 8/13/08  6/27/08

Rustic Books  (Four between 1991-2004)

All these books have a mix of history, lore, technical information and projects. And they each feature work by a couple of dozen different makers No one book is "better", but the first, Making Rustic Furniture (1991) is still The Rustic Bible with over 100,000

copies out there!    signed/shipped $20

The Art of Rustic Furniture (1995) 

The second book, The Rustic Furniture Companion, was re-named The Art of Rustic Furniture (1995) when it went to paperback.  out-of-print available from Amazon or Ebay.


The Rustic Workshop (1999)

Simple Rustic Furniture, was re-named The Rustic Workshop (1999) when it went to paperback. signed/shipped $25

Rustic Garden Furniture and Accessories

(2004)   with my friend, Thomas Stender.

Rustic Garden Furniture and Accessories is the fourth and last in this Rustic Series for Lark Books with 30 clear projects and up-to-date tool information.

Dan Mack writes about Log Cabins

Log Cabin Living  (1999)    out-of-print

a long essay-poem on the log cabin-- on everything except how to make them! It's about camping, bugs, ghosts, trees, food collecting and all the other little streams of imagination that feed the Log Cabin mind in each of us.

I have two copies left .     $40 post-paid.


"Anima", Dark Mountain #6  October, 2014

"The Third Age"  on aging/eldering September, 2014

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"Masculinity is like pulled pork", October, 2011          

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