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Rustic Furnishings

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Wayward Teaching

Journal of Mythopoetry (2009)

and East Coast Sandplay Journal (2010)

I recently finished 14 days of teaching in a high school equipment repair class. No writing, no poems, no magical objects. We made two Adirondack Chairs. It’s part of my field research in the “poetic capabilities of just making things.”
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Collecting the Ballast for Life's Storms

The New York Times (1996)

As a furniture maker, I need a huge supply of hardware: nails, screws, bolts of varying lengths and diameters and in a selection of colors, finishes and metals. To me, my needs seem logical. It's my business. I am an artist making unusual furniture. I have always used this fact as my ticket to yard sales and the justification to stop at hardware stores in exotic locations, where I might find specialized items not found in my local stores. This has resulted over the years in what I recognize as the Uncle Art Phenomenon. ...(continue reading)

Wild and Woody

Mother Earth News (1987)

I capture the power of saplings. . . and want some chairs to dance. As the tree grows, so the chair goes. That's the almost magical transformation that accounts, at least in part, for the increasing popularity of rustic furniture-chairs, sofas, even beds made from full saplings or branches ...(continue reading)