Daniel Mack

Rustic Furnishings

Articles about Daniel Mack

New York Foundation for the Arts (2007)

NYFA Fellowship winner Daniel Mack will host the New York incarnation of his Woodlanders Gatherings (also held in Wisconsin) in Warwick, NY on August 15-17, 2008. Mack’s gatherings are meant to provide participants “encounters with natural materials.”...(continue reading)

Woods Craft

Philadelphia Inquirer (2006) - Review "Voices from the Woods" exhibit.

Vicki Fox's eyes widened at the sight of an upended tree's tangled roots off the trail. "Look at all that moss," she said, her voice turning guttural with excitement, like a jazz singer's

"That moss is, like, totally irresistible!" She reached for clumps. Fox is a player in nature. She walks in the woods for spiritual connection. She collects seeds because she always has. She creates art - mirrors framed in bark, fungus and seaweed; a trellis made of twigs - to bring the mundane into beautiful, celebratory life. There is a name for people like her: woodlanders. ...(continue reading)

Rustic Reconciliation

Upstate House (2005)

Almost three decades ago, Daniel Mack abandoned the daily grind of a career as a television journalist and, throwing caution to the winds, made a gigantic leap of faith into the world of rustic furniture making. Initially drawn by the grounded aura of working with natural materials and the appeal of working for himself, he has become something of an evangelist for the spiritual delights to be found in sorting through a chaotic jumble of locally harvested (or, more accurately, salvaged) cedar and maple sticks, and bringing them into order as recognizable pieces of furniture. ...(continue reading)

Turning Trees Into Furniture and Furniture Into Trees

Woodworker's Journal (2004)

If you asked Daniel Mack whether he makes furniture, architectural detail, or sculpture ... his answer would be "yes." That's because Daniel's pieces work on all three levels. You can sit comfortably down to dinner on one of his chairs. One of his pieces might hold up the roof of your house. And then again, one of his chairs may be displayed in your living room like a work of art. ...(continue reading)