Daniel Mack

Earlier Activities

2021 6.8.2021   6-9 pm     Zoom through Omega


Calling All Makers!  Longtime Omega teacher Daniel Mack sees Object-Making as Alchemical: ways to help reveal, hold

and release old and emerging versions of our selves. In this 3-hr Zoom, he shows you around his WonderRoom

studio in Warwick, NY: the tools, materials, work tables, storage and display areas.

He explains more about this “Casual Alchemy” approach.(Thomas Moore calls such objects “Magical Decoys”)

He guides you through a few Making activities based on the practices of Surrealism, Alchemy and using The Elements

He invites you to share your objects and thoughts with the others in our Maker’s Clan.      (Some of Dan's Clan)

Take a look at 10 free booklets on related topics

Collect some of this stuff for Intuitive Making:  5x7 heavy paper or card stock, hammer, knife, candle, matches, soil, a few band aids, empty jars, shells, feathers, thread, few pencil-size sticks, rubberbands, dental floss, twist ties, pencil, crayons, chalk.   Dan's NOTES


2020   All Cancelled

April      Making Totems   at Pacha-Yoga

July      Making Imaginal Objects at The Omega Institute

But, I have Thirteen booklets of self-guided material, free, for you to download.  .

explore these materials and a related Blog, and Make a few things,


July/October       Exploring an Artist’s Studio

Rustic woodworker Daniel Mack opens his Warwick studio for a day of Creative Activity. In the morning, he introduces the simple

practices of rustic construction as people build a logwood bench,

table or stool. Fee: $60\. In the afternoon, a separate workshop, he helps people explore sculptural approaches to natural materials, constructing both 2-D and 3-D projects.  Fee: $60

This day is suitable for curious beginners as well as experienced woodworkers and craftspeople looking to broaden their

experience and especially parents working with their children.      

Limited to ten people and includes all materials and supplies.

Register through Mt Saint Mary College

May       Creative Aging workshops    Creative Aging Handout

April      Celebration/Reading of Kurt Seligmann's Mirror of Magic

March    Podcast   Creative Aging   Stirring the Cauldron



Oct/Nov    Introduction to Creative Aging

Aug          Befriending the Creative Unconscious, The Omega Institute

July         Wander-Wonder-Play   Art as Transformation 

                Teen Leadership Program 


Pechakucha, Objects as Magical Decoys

Woodlanders Gathering          schedule

DUSKLIT                          photos

Teen Classes in Magic and Surrealim

Teen Leadership Program

Parent/Child Studio Time        photos

Hudson River Driftwoodworking

Enrichment Pgm, Local School

Workshops in Studio


Making Rustic  10-5   $175

Hudson River Maritime Museum, Kingston, NY

Woodlander Gatherings

Doing Rustic: Structures and Sculpture, Omega Institute

Teen Leadership Program, Community Center

Object-making with Natural Materials    11-1   $50


Creative Workshops for Farmworker Teens

                Studio/Garden Tour for 30 Teen Leaders

Align your art with your life  OMEGA   OUTLINE 

               Altered Hub Cap Workshop farmworker Boys Group

Garden Art, Mt St Mary College

Being in Nature, OCLT

Garden Art, Cornell Cooperative


Harrisburg, PA

Omega, Rhinebeck, NY

Woodlander Gatherings

Rowe, MA



Juror/Presenter, Art in the Wild at Wildwood Park, Harrisburg, PA

Rustic Workshops       see menu

Woodlander Gatherings

Pocket Change Project      Ezine version


Anima at The Dorsky Museum

Omega               schedule         pics

Woodlanders   '12 review  FB      rethinking     2013

Rustic Work    rustic blog 

EcoCulture       in School

Working Driftwood

Arts and Healthcare

Arts in HealthcareDan developed arts skills in non-traditional healthcare settings, a 20-week weekly, potluck meal seminar series.


Bodgering Workshop

Curated Repetition as Meditation

Altared States   

BLOGSJC   MKS  Altared Spirits

Developing an etsy storefront

Guest Speaker, Parsons School of Design


2010 and earlier

Valerie Goodman Gallery/Blog      9.20.10

Magic Medicine  8.10        11.5.10
Architects and Artisans Blog     8.10

Woodlanders Gathering August, 2010

Working by Moonlight: 2-hour and 8-hour workshops in active imagination in the tradition of alchemy: the technical, the spiritual and the intuitive

Working Rustic: 1 day, 3 day and 5 day workshops.

Making Crossroads Cards  working with 300 fifth graders to create a composite mural to greet them as they come from all 4 elementary schools to the 6th grade in Middle School next September. We're creating

and sharing individual trading cards to get acquainted with each other to minimize the chances of bullying.

Developing the Vegetative Mind, MAD Gardners Symposium.  March 6, 2010

Community-Building Workshop, St. Anthony's High School, Jersey City, NJ.  January 14, 2010.

60 people--30 mentors and their 30 high school, college bound mentees--

played in  Card-Making Workshop to get them to know each other better and celebrate National Mentors Month

Making Things in the Woods On October 3, Dan worked, er, played with a bunch of people in the  Woods for an  afternoon of making lightly-scaled Land Art: things that hang, re-arranged fallen wood, colored chalks in unexpected areas of a piece of property belonging to The Orange County Land Trust.  They are interested in introducing more people to the many different properties they own.  

HIKES into HISTORY:  Dan leads groups to severeal regional several Lenape Indian and unusual stone sites in the Warwick area. Contact with the Land and visiting sites where people have been for thousands of years has a magical, and political, effect.  May 18, 2010,  June 5, 2010  September 26, 2009

Imaginal Artifacts Workshop (now Working By Moonlight) : On November 21, seven people met for several hours to explore the languages of making things...some cards, some tools and other imaginal techlnologies.  Let the Right Brain lead!

Spirit into Matter, Dec 5-6 Show  with luminary artists Najim Chechen, Linda Richichi, John F. Simon, jr .

Nature and Human Nature Workshops: play-dates in natural settings.Mindfulness and light engagement. at the Doublekill Creek; October 3, 2009

Woodlander Gatherings: since 2000, Dan has been organizing weekend rendezvous for people interested in working with the ways of nature. His workshops and PlayTimes throughout the year are inspired by this event which has happened 18 times so far

Gatherings at Dan's Studio on Alchemy, Moonlight and Illness.

MORE Workshop Archive



Interior Landscapes, 2008

 Arts-in-Healthcare Seminar 2011

and started Arts in Nature, a custom-workshop service for organizations interested in deepening their experience of nature and human nature.