Woodlanders 2017

2017 Woodlanders Gathering

Nature-Based Making/Meditations for Exploring

Self, Community, Nature

at Dan Mack's Studio, Warwick, NY

and the adjacent 3 Pines Nature Place

July 28 and 29,  10am to 4pm

Bring things to swap, share, shed..some work samples to show

Friday, July 28

10-12   Pop-Up Makers Space with lots of tools,

            materials, samples and friendly people

            Introductions and Dan talks about Regenerativity and how  

            Woodlanders fit into that.  See 2p Handout

Exercises in Creative Awareness  

Intuitive Stone Carving

Making sets of "Divination/Direction" Cards

   bring a few of your favorite aphorisms/poems   

Lunch  from local Greek Restaurant Opa

1:30  David Hughes on Plant Divination. David Asks:

bring a sample of a plant (fresh leaves – bark - buds samples or printed photos of the whole or parts of the plant, etc.) from their home landscape that they are attracted to (or want to know more about) that they judge to be “growing naturally” on their land (i.e. not planted by them or other previous owners of the property). 

Key here is when plants grow on a site by either ecological presents to that habitat or volunteer to the site – it can tell the educated observer a snap shot of the history of that place (i.e. “place making” markers).  For example, for your place we could use the large Norway maple – planted I suspect 100 years ago. its offspring have moved around your yard and the neighborhood  So I could tell the history and value of that tree. 

3:00  MORE Making

4         Set-up Tent for DUSKLIT
       Picnic/Concert at Wickham Woodlands

Saturday, July 29

10-12  Pop-Up Makers Space with lots of tools, materials, samples and friendly people

Surrealist Names?    Cards?        Stains? 

Stories… Peckachula Style    



2:30  MORE Making/Talking

4       Off to  DUSKLIT

Sunday, July 30

10-12 CLOSING at  Rich Pillar's new/old 

           Farm/Forest (Rt 208, 20 minutes from Warwick)

           to see Land Restored, Nursery of Native Plants