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The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between

how nature works and the way people think.    Gregory Bateson


NY Woodlanders Gathering

2013 New York Gathering

August 22-25 at Warwick Center Campgrounds

See  2013 Ideas, Concerns, Activities

Contact Dan for activities you want to lead or share

Everyone can have time to show/share their work/play


Pay what you can: You must pay something

Suggested $50/day. $10/hr part-time

Camping fees ($30/night) and Food are extra     more

What are Woodlanders Gatherings?               

an atmosphere where people can relax and find the time for hands-on exploration and knowing of the natural world, and develop artful thinking.        more

What aren't Woodlanders Gatherings?    ... NOT a school or even a set of craft workshops.  Oh yes, lots of making and some instruction happens, but the event began as a form of community-building                    more

What happens? ...  Tents and Tables of Art and Nature Experiences with tools & materials available all weekend-- with guidance. It often RAINS... in 2010, it rained all day Sunday. 

Menus of Activities 2010, 2011, 2012

2011 Reviews  Riva  who came? 

2010 Reviews, Riva  Comments, Photos, Updates    

2010 photos



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Stick, stone and bone, NYC