Daniel Mack

Rustic Furnishings

The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between

how nature works and the way people think.    Gregory Bateson


NY Woodlanders Gathering 2013

August 22-25             General Details


"Duff"   (I'm inviting Tim Gallagher, whose middle name is Duff)

The political importance of  "Loose Parts".  Loose Parts is an area of a natrure play area where there are , well, just loose parts. No plans or instructions. Miraculously, kids (and others) seem to find things to do with all these parts.  It's a political exercise in trusting, power-sharing, empowerment. It's not unlike Rob's early suggestion of the Big Swap... the Take It and Leave It area of Woodlanders.

Implications of Time as Circular or Ceremonial

Practicing Surrealism

Woodlanders as Widsdom Carriers: David Sobel's Work

Woodlanders as Community Builders: Nuevo Durango ++

Robert Bly says this is the time of savagery


Why Make? 

In times of Destruction, Create Something     Maxine Hong Kingston

and I added:   In times of Creation, Destroy Something.

OBJECTS with Nature
Fairy Houses:  Politics of The Small: modelling mythic thinking


Spiral Bench for somewhere?

Leaving "art" in public places?

IMAGING with Nature

Tree Rounds Prints, Joe   Connor

MUD:  Murals and Stencilling

Card Making to explore other realms

Wet Black Dirt, like this

Pine Cone Print, Jim Caufield


Mongolian Deer Stones

  lightly incising those creek stones?


Stone Stacking


Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease." Hippocrates

Paper Making with Andrea Colman

Latex Block Prints: Jim Caufiled   This is a print from the carved latex block I devised,

inspired from last year's circle of life. With fabric paint, rollers, etc.

folks could again bring their T shirts (or whatever) for printing

VISITING Woodlandery Places
rasshopper Grove, Cornwall, NY 45 minutes away

There's a Surrealist Cabaret in Sugar Loaf on Friday Night, August 23


Contact Dan for activities you want to lead or share