Daniel Mack





  • To Remember our shared 90,000 year experience as Hunters and Gatherers
  • To Encounter other living beings: trees, birds, waters, plants, people
  • To Experience the not-work, not-sports, not-chores model of spending time
  • To Enjoy NOVELTY, exuberance, Discovery, Surprise, finding the unexpected
  • To Get in The Zone, Drug-Free ASC


We are using natural materials as a portal into a pre-conscious state of mind where we then "say" something.  As yoga teacher, Patty, puts it: "Express and Release"  and friend Judd, the fishing guide, puts it: "Catch and Release".

We are not making "art" but looking to catch and express and release something.  We are looking for materials from the natural world to help us say something about the interior world, something about the very current state of nature and your human nature:

NaturePlay is like being in a pool. not a lap pool, nor an Olympic pool; Actually, a swamp.  It requires patience with your self, with all your voices.  It may require a accidental or coincidental contact with someone, some place, some thing... that scratches you into a new awareness... We are looking for portals that are never in the same place.  Alertness is your ally.

WHEN?    Play every day!

Just a walk allows you practice being alert, Curious, Mindful... the Hunter! not the Warrior

There’s not a set agenda. It’s about discovery, accident, coincidence. There are several areas for activity: Three particular ones:

Brush piles to cut materials for fanciful small woodland structures (troll/fairy houses);
Opportunity to try “shadow drawing” ... pencil drawing of a branch’s shadow as it slightly shifts in the moving sun;

Branches and materials for Woodland Tools... newly found objects bound together to create something more than the sum of their parts... that’s sculpture? a wand? I’ll have bases to mount them on.   So that’s the plan.

FOUND at our Local Nature Play Place