Woodlanders Gathering 2012


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2            2 Tents, 15 Tables/Chairs delivered-Set-up

5++         Early Campers arrive: Laurie Burnham, David Hughes, Rich Pillar,

              Nancy Krim, Frankie/KimVergil, Linda Roehler, Matthew Fallon (by bus) 

Thursday, August 23       Swap of Materials Starts

ARRIVING:  Jim and Mary Caufield, David Wiener, Riva Weinstein,Brian Schorn, Shekinah/Michelle+Helena and Noa, Laurie Seeman, Andrea Colman, , Jennifer, Duncan,

Persie Naylor, Nick Zungoli, David Horton, Becca Tucker, Jan Shuter, Mark,

Peter Marchetto, Molly Stanton, Ginger/Fred Schmidt, Adam and Addison Hamer

9        Sign-In on 30' of paper with Black Dirt Markings-like this

          Circle/Comments Transitions

10      CardMaking as an EcoSpiritual Activity 1, Dan Mack

11       Earth-Cob Oven Building     Matthew Fallon                       -->

          Tracking and the World in Fox Scat, David Wiener

12       Lunch, Community Food

1        Opening Circle of Life Ritual, David Hughes

3        Transparency Stars: geometric folding    Shekinah/Michelle

6        Jessica/Adam's Supper:Sesame Noodles, Chicken Curry, Kale Salad

8-10   Fire and Images by David Hughes, Brian Schorn, Kim Vergil


Friday, August 24

Arriving: Hannah Maxwell, Cynthia Fletcher, Sona Mason

8          Dream Group "If this were MY Dream..."

9:30      Fire Circle/Comments:Developing peripheral Imaginal Vision

            Duncan: "You all seem just a few years older than me."

10        Card Making:an EcoSpiritual Activity2

            Earth Oven Building continues  It's cured and almost ready to bake

            Making Lunch with Adam

11        Gyrokinesis, Hannah Maxwell

12:30     Adam's Lunch:  chili/cornbread

1:30      WindWandMaking Demo, Rich Pillar

3          Field Trip to Seligman Center/Pine Sawmill/Black Dirt

6          Adam and Jessica's Supper: Pizza and Beet Salad     

7:30      View from The Hill; Bull Roarers/WindWands

8:30      Images: Michelle Henkin++ , Fire till 1am



Satyrday, August 25

Arriving: Don Moss, Joanna Dickey, Mike Jamison

Earth Oven has cured and ready to bake!

                Bananna Braed and other breads were baked in this adobe oven

8          Dream Group "If this were MY Dream..."

9          FireCircle/Comments by woodlanders: Gifting, Money, "Personal 

                Invasives"; Models of Indirect Influence

11        Ink painting with wetland grasses,  Laurie Seeman, Joanna Dickey

              "Workshop WITH, not about, these grasses!" using The Magiscope!

               Pigments freshly found and ground from stream rocks

            Marbled Nail Polish workshop, Lizzie Colman

12:30    Adam and Jessica's Lunch: Soup and Salad

2          Troll and Fairy Structures, Spirit Houses: why and how  Jim/Dan

            Making the WindWands, Rich Pillar

3           Polymer Clay Jewelry, Molly Stanton

            Clay monoprint demo/discussion, Victoria Mowrer

            Land Art Projects in the Woods: Sona, Lizzie, Noa, Eden and Addy

6          Jessica and Adam's Supper: Pulled Elk,Wasabi Slaw and Molasses Beans

                Elk from Tom and Kendra James  

8          TwigMan ReBurns  Mary Caufield ignites;   

8:30      Images: Dan Mack, Laurie Seeman, Don Moss, Matthew Fallon

Sunday, August 26

8:30      Pochuck Boardwalk Tour, Linda Roehler

            Objects Made during the Gathering on display in Pavilion

12         Brunch         

2            Dan's Studio. Teri Mack's Peach and Blueberry Cobbler 


when the scheduled events were not quite right, there were tablesfull of

Self-Directed Anytime Activities...

Light guidance available, just ASK

Using rusted objects and juicy natural materials on fabric and T-Shirts

Re-Purposing pulpy materials. 

Sound-Making: Rich has materials/tools for Bull Roarers and Wind Wands

Making Trophy Chairs- materials/tools available  (Michelle and Laurie made Little Chairs)



Off-Site Field Trips    15 minutes away

Botanical field trip to the Pochuck Boardwalk in Vernon.

Kurt Seligman Homestead, Sugar Loaf, NY:   spiral sculptures

We found churt in the nearby creek bed; Rich knapped some off

Costs: $50/day programs, $30/night camping, $7/campmade meal

What people brought:

Personal eating utensils, plates, etc

Natural Materials to share

Skills to share in a "demonstration" format

Objects/Intentions for Twigster before the Release/Burn

Emerged Themes/Questions

"Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle"

Gettting more Masculinity into Mother Earth: 

         Adam/Matthew: Earth Ovens and Fire Cooking

The challenges of  the gift economy: Adam's Gift of Cooking

LARPING: Duncan says: Woodlanders are Larpers:

         trying out new identities to help with their transitions

Food making and sharing as primal community building

Haiku is the undertheme for the whole gathering

Domination/Submission Demo, Dogs Alice and Maggie May

**Does this Alternative Event Planning model, called Sensitive Chaos,

for the Gathering feed us well enough?

or should we try more formal, a la carte, extra money, 2-hour product-oriented workshops like we did in earlier years with Bonnie Gale and like the Wisconsin Gathering does?

Hmm maybe the hardcore making event happens every other year as Teri Mack suggested;

or maybe it happens at another Gathering. I'll be talking soon with the Adirondack Folk School... and we protect the Warwick Gathering as a Place for Grazing.

Sona recalls the "barbershop quartet of coyotes in the wee hours"

Saved and Ready for August 2013:

Practicing Surrealism: fumage, grattage, collage, frottage

Altars!  Aren't we all making altars all the time?

Stone Stacking and other anonymous art presntations

Stone Cairns in Creek at Fuller Mt Preserve on Bowen Rd

Body as the source of design and measurement


Mandala in memory of Hurricane Irene

Woodlanders as Widsdom Carriers: David Sobel's Work

Woodlanders as Community Builders: Nuevo Durango

Molly Stanton offered to do a FireWalk..

Making Charcoal.  (hmmm are these one workshop?)