Daniel Mack

Rustic Furnishings

At the 2011 NY Gathering (43):

Andrea Colman and daughter Lizzie

Kim and Frankie Vergil

Jim and Mary Caulfield, masks, wands,

Sarah Lamb, Jesse and 6-month old Wren

Diane and Jeffrey Savona

Brian Schorn

David Hughes

Jean Mejias

Seth Alymer

Kathy and Shane Gordon

Judd Weisberg

Joseph and Eliza Conner

Cynthia Fletcher

Dave, Molly and Lauren Wiener

Matthew Fallon   Look at his Yahoo Group

Ginger and Fred Schmidt

Rich Pillar and Mary Ann

Hannah Maxwell and her Gyrokinesis

Nancy Krim

Teri Mack and her brothers Rick and Bob Husted

Shekinah Rae and Michelle Henkin with great fresh produce, and those photos 

Don Moss

Dan Mack, convener and weaver of the event

Riva Weinstein

Jessica Lawlor (firedancer/midwife) and Adam Hamer, timber-framer/naturalist) and sons Eden and Addison

A few dogs, Alice and Macabee

Couldn't Come in 2011... but checked in

Laurie Seeman, environmental artist /educator

Victoria Mowrer  

Liz and Bill Hunt

Janis Nori, yoga teacher

Grace Woodard

Katherine Wilson

Louis Bassilon

Karen Decher

Woodlander bios