Daniel Mack


Gathering of artists and others interested in a lightly guided structure for exploring the changing edges of your s'elf.

In a 2-3 hour salon-style workshop, Dan introduces directed exercises to create collections of objects crafted from common materials with quick simple techniques.  Dan’s studio is full of tools and materials. 

Object-making is powerful way into psyche. Like other forms of active imagination, the focused act of making objects helps us better understand our interior landscapes.  Mattering is what humans do. Objects and object-making is a very old language. Thomas Moore calls such objects “magic decoys”.  They are lively things, fetishes, imaginal tools for discovering abiding, and fleeting, moods, concerns, fears and hopes. They are another way into our own old stories. The approach of these workshops is from primitivism, not art.  The purpose is to make objects with connect to other emerging and deferred s'selfs.  In Jungian terms, it is using making objects as a form of active imagination.

Finally, making in a group has a power and vitality often missing from isolated personal work.  There truly is a group energy that leads unexpected places. 

What to Make:

1. Small collage cards which are reminders of where we have been.

2. Assemblage tools, wands or “magical technologies” directional “tools” or “intuitive technologies

3. Community Loom… watch our stories intersect… the commonalities and inherent cooperation.  Explore the power of the matrix, weaving and community 


Gathering at Dan’s Studio in Warwick, NY   

PAY-AS-YOU-GO.     Come for one-two or three hours

Cost is $15 per studio/hour/person


A group for people who want to be in the company of others making things in the Spirit of the Imagination.  It emphasizes accident, coincidence, dreams and things lost and found.   

Meetings are action-oriented. We are makers. Initially, we will be making one of two kinds of objects:  Imaginal Trading Cards-- small (2 ½” x 3 ½”) collages and Imaginal Tools—found object assemblages which resemble common tools with handles, heads, purposes.  Each has a different rhythm which reveals itself. The structure of the meetings is quite likely to evolve into other forms and other materials as time goes on.