Woodlanders 2018

2018 Woodlanders Gathering

Nature-Based Making/Meditations for Exploring

Self and Community

has been folded into the late August Workshop at Omega, with these same features:


Jim and Mary Caufield will be with Dan.

Bring things to swap, share, shed..some work samples to show 

Pop-Up MakersSpace: lots of tools, materials, samples and friendly people

Dan talks about Casual Alchemy     See 2p Handout

Exercises in Creative Awareness  

Intuitive Stone Carving

Making sets of "Divination/Direction" Cards

   bring a few of your favorite aphorisms/poems 

Surrealist Names?   Stain Work? 

Shaun Tan's Book, The Red Tree is availbale to look at

MORE Making  

Exploring STEAM from a Woodlander Point of View

Stories… Peckachula Style: 20 images  for 20 seconds each

Makers Space Available All The Time

Discussion of "Creative Aging"

Elemental Wands  6.5” Earth Brown/Air/Yellow Water/Blue Fire Red

Discussion of creative nature events in communities:
In what ways can "nature" create a sense of Place?

Examples: Art in the Wild, Luminate,  TreeCycle