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Shadows and Stones in the Hudson Valley

Several years ago, I went on a tour to Ireland, called Shadows and Stones, led by Sylvia Perera, a Jungian therapist and art historian, Michael Paull, a historian at Lehman College and folk singer Cathie Ryan .  We visited several out-of the-way areas -- many just fields with odd stones. Hearing the stories behind these cairns gave a whole new depth to landscape.  It holds memory  It was a magical experience. I brooded all the way home: 

What! I have to go to Ireland to get in contact with the 'other' who have been before? There must be places right here in the Hudson Valley! 

It's called Sacred Geomancy.

That began a long and somewhat difficult seach right here in the Hudson Valley for our places of Shadow and Stone. Many are Lenape Indian sites; some seem to pre-date the Lenape.I have found several and am happy to share what I know and take people to these places:

Information on local Lenape:

Dutchess Quarry Caves


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Black Creek Site

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