Imaginal Objects, Magical Decoys                 &Divine Allurements


"Consider, then, Daniel Mack’s installation of detrital driftwood that suggests idols in twilight, that one gesture or a few, marks the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary."   

Faheem Haider, Chronogram, August, 2012

For years, beyond the furniture, I've been making Other Things:  They are called magical decoys, talisman, allurements, wands... They are just tools for attracting, collecting and managing life force. The ones I'm involved with are often "found" or lightly crafted so as to retain much of the original energy.   MORE   There are several groupings:


The Companions, The Characters: illusive carvings from bark collected along the Hudson River .





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The Cards: flickers from the creative unconscious


The Stones: pocket sculptures: Please Touch!





The Tools: for adjusting valences